Transposing the playback?

I’m notating some music for readability, so I’ve transposed the notes into an octave that’s easy to read. Can I play back these notes in a different octave in the player? I mean I want to transpose the playback of all the notes of the player or whatever, not just one measure or something, nothing crazy.

Sure, you should be able to set that in your VST. I know there’s an option within HSSE to transpose by 12 semitones.


Is that the only way to do it? I’m not using a VST, I’m using a MIDI instrument.

Assuming the instrument stays in the same clef throughout ( and that you’re using 3.5 Pro), you could also use the Clef and transposition overrides dialog.

See Clef and Transposition Overrides dialog

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I’m using 3.5 Elements. Dammit, do I need to buy the Pro version just for that? I’m not a Pro.

Dan’s suggestion is probably the best one, then. Which midi instrument are you using?

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It’s a Yamaha V50 synthesizer. I can figure it out. I’m just trying to come up with a workflow that’s easy. I’m writing music on the keyboard itself one hand at a time, and I want to notate the music so I can learn how to play it with both hands easily, and I’m only trying to make it look as nice as I need it for my own personal use.

Add a ‘real’ clef and change the Octave shift of the Clef in the Properties panel.

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‘Real’ clef? What does that mean? How do you even add just a clef? I think you can only add an instrument.

Regardless of what you think, searching the manual for add a clef yields the following results: Search Results - Dorico Help

Either of the first two results should work.

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I don’t see how that helps me. Why would I want to add a clef? There’s already a clef there. And I don’t see a Properties panel anywhere. Sorry, I’m so frustrated with this. Let’s just forget it.

That’s the spirit! :grin:

Instruments have default clefs, which can’t be deleted, but you can replace it with another clef – or even the same one! Once you’ve done that, then it has properties that you can alter, like the Octave shift.



Haha! That’s interesting, but I don’t have access to that screen with the octave shift. I’m using Dorico Elements 3.5.

You should have access, even in Elements, as long as you manually add a clef in one of the ways I linked to above.

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Oh sorry! How do you access that Clefs screen?

Select the clef. Press Cmd-8 or Ctrl-8 to open the Properties panel at the bottom.

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I got it! Thanks you guys! Sorry I’m such a pain in the butt. I think I do need to abandon the strategy of notating and printing it out and grow up and learn to figure things out by ear. That would be way more efficient in the long run anyway.