Transposing to all keys up chromatically

Hello everyone,

Sorry if this topic has been answered already, but I couldn’t find it.

I need to transpose to all keys up chromatically a whole book of exercises, notes and chord symbols. The way I’ve been doing it is using the Write/Transpose window, changing the settings between a minor second and an augmented unison, in order to avoid double sharps and flats.

I also tried Shift-i command for the popover and type “tb2” but the results are not the desired notes and chord symbols.

Any other ways to deal with this repetitive task that will make easier my job?

Thank you for your time, I really appreciate any thoughts!
(Dorico 4)

Unfortunately there isn’t a faster way to transpose by both types of interval at once. (This has come up more than a couple times lately. Can any other software do it, I wonder?)

The syntax for the popover is tm2 for minor 2nd up.

Thank you Mark!

I really appreciate your input.

I use to do it with Sibelius without the problem of double sharps and flats. Maybe, it would be best to do the notes in Sibelius and export it XML. Unfortunately, some chords symbols do not import well in Dorico, i.e. C7#9 is imported as C7add#9.

Thank you also for the popover syntax