Transposing to E Sharp minor?!

Dear all,

I want to transpose a passage that’s in f# minor to f minor. Somehow the only result I manage to obtain is an E# minor… :laughing:

In the transpose dialogue, I tried both the “by division” and “by quality” but I always get E# minor…

One of life’s enigmas…


What does the calculator in the right side of the dialog tell you to use?

Try to transpose by augmented unison. That should work.

Ahhh, thank you. I entered from F sharp to f natural in the calculator and then clicked apply and that worked just fine. I hadn’t used the calculator before…

What’s the problem? I thought E# minor was everyone’s favorite key? :upside_down_face:

Of course, the big two: C Major and E sharp minor… :smiley:

You mean B# major? Piece of cake: only 12 sharps.

… and those of us who recall the very first version of Finale will remember that it was perfectly easy to create that very key signature. Sometimes even when one didn’t intend to.