Transposing tool

Is there a way to use the transposing tool that avoids all double sharps and flats? I’ve tried ticking all the boxes on or off but still get some pretty wild spellings. Also applies to the respell tool as well. thanks.

To help you, I guess D’s team will need an example file exhibiting that behavior — if I do transpose from G to F, I won’t get those double sharps or flats…

I’m not a ‘tonal’ composer, which may contribute. Will post an example later.

Well, Dorico’s Transpose doesn’t explicitly adhere to a tonal framework, though you can specify to transpose the key signature as well. My slightly uneducated guess is that the result is processed by the note-spelling algorithm before displaying the notes, so everything should hold up and be coherent in context. Have you forced a lot of notes to respell?

I have to respell (or try to) almost every time I transpose something.

I meant whether you forced many notes to respell prior to the transposition.

No haven’t done that

Here is an example:

Try to transpose augmented second up. That won’t solve all your problems though, but maybe some.

What if you just move the passage chromatically with alt+shift+up arrow?

Thanks for the suggestion LAE. Any method I use will require spending time to respell any given passage, especially if you’re transposing a whole phrase.

Not that I don’t think you didn’t solve this and continued working, but I just had to do some testing myself.
When the whole section is respelled, Dorico follows the logic of keeping the intervals horizontally the same. This makes sense, but will create the double flats and sharps. Each chord has to be respelled separately.

What you are after would be a function similar to Finale’s “Retranscribe” which would choose the simplest way to spell every single chord, not taking into account what was before or what comes after. But probably you would have to change things to your liking also in that case… And, there is no function like that in Dorico AFAIK.

Sibelius had a box that could be checked not to use double sharps or flats. Would save a lot of time.