I do very little MIDI work in general. I had a client ask to have her playing transposed on the fly - live for a piano/vocal session - ie - the headphone mix needed to be in the transposed key.

I ended up doing something silly within The Grand but I had to tune every note down in cents and the limit was 100 cents up or down which is only a 1/2 step. I was looking for a simple Transpose button with 1/2 steps but didn’t see one.

Can anyone enlighten me as to what would’ve been the best way to do this? I’m working in Nuendo 5.5.6. The Grand 3.1 on W7.

Thanks in advance!

Nevermind - I got it. MIDI Modifiers. LOL. Man…would it be so hard to just put a big “Transpose” button somewhere on the project window? Oh well…thanks anyway.