Transposition Bug

After transposing an entire Flow, including key signature, I’ve discovered weird “wrong notes” in playback. In only a few places, it seems that the original untransposed notes exist in the MIDI data alongside the newer pitch. (See screenshots.)

Here, music transposed up a major second:

This happens for a bar and half immediately after a Divisi is restored to Unison, but while the unison lines are still on two staves in the system. I wonder whether that’s a factor.

This has happened into two documents recently.

I’ve already been in contact with Ben about this, but for the benefit of anyone else following the thread:

It seems that what is happening here is that the meaning of the Unison is ‘disregard the content on subsequent staves’. The music is still there, hence why it shows up in play mode, and you can see it in the score if you switch to Galley View and drag the unison further to the right. If you don’t want anything after that point to sound then you have to delete the content.

Ah, wait: Are you saying that I put that music in originally and then moved the divisi, merely hiding it?

Or that Dorico has just not transposed the “mirror” notes of the unison?

Screenshot 11.png

The former - by having the unison the second stave is hidden from view and also doesn’t form part of the selection, so transposing won’t affect the (now hidden) notes on the second stave. You wouldn’t have noticed it going wrong in Play Mode previously because prior to transposing it, the pitches for both staves were presumably the same, so both parts would be drawn on top of each other.