Transposition dialog box - make sticky?

Just a suggestion to maybe consider making the Transposition dialog sticky so it will remember the last used settings. Perhaps a checkbox somewhere to allow it to remember the settings would be even better. I’ve found myself applying the exact same transposition many times and it would be convenient to save a few seconds by having it remember the previously applied transposition.

There seems to be a slight bit of confusion created by the interface too by having “Quality:” as a higher dropdown than “Interval:” We obviously think “transpose down a minor third,” with the quality first, but “minor” isn’t able to be selected in the Quality dropdown until “third” is selected even though minor is higher visually in the dialog box. By having “unison” as the default (which no one is using or they wouldn’t be in the Transposition dialog box) “major” and “minor” are obviously excluded as options in the visually higher dropdown, which is a bit confusing for someone looking to select “minor third.” Just my $0.02.

The “Calculate Interval” box is really brilliant for younger students BTW.

It has been suggested before that it would be helpful for the settings in the Transpose dialog to be remembered during the session, and this is on our backlog for the future.

I’ve toyed with changing the order of controls for the quality and the interval, and indeed they were swapped around at some point in the 2.x series, but I take your point about perhaps choosing an interval other than a unison by default. Perhaps we should assume everybody’s writing pop songs and wants to transpose up by a semitone by default.


You could try a little social experiment. Set the default to transpose DOWN a semitone by default, and see if a new genre of pop music emerges :slight_smile:

(And then claim intellectual property rights for any No 1 hits, of course…)

+1 for this, writing canons is annoying as hell… :joy: