Transposition in Abbreviated Labels


I would like to put instrument transposition, such as “in SIb” or “in FA” at the end of the label, so that would be like

Corni in FA - Cn. in FA

Trombe in SIb - in SIb

now… is it normal that this works only on the full name and not on the abbreviated one?

What I have now is

Trombe in SIb - Bb

which is awkward also for the fact that I’m able to translate the transposition only on the full name label.


In Setup mode, click Layout Options in the Setup menu.

In the Staves and Systems category, you can change this with the Staff Labels options.

You can switch off “Show transposition in staff labels,” and then edit labels for each instrument to anything you want.

Yes, thanks, but I don’t think there is a way to put the flat symbol in the label name… am I right?

It might be possible if you can live with changing the Paragraph style for staff labels to e.g. Bravura text

Wait. What?

How do I achieve that?

And by the way, I don’t think Bravura font contains “text” in my PopChar window I see only symbols.

Copy the accidentals from here:
When changing the instrument names in Setup, paste the accidentals as needed.
In Engrave/Paragraph Styles/Staff Labels change the font to Bravura TEXT

Mmmh… well that doesn’t look so nice…

I think, for now I’ll do that in Illustrator, until I figure how to do this.