Transposition in all keys

Is there a way to automatically transpose a snippet of notes through all keys without having to trigger it umpteen times manually? That would greatly simplify my workflow. I have attached an example. I would actually only enter the first line, that would be the snippet of notes, and the rest would be automatically created by the script. Is that even possible with Dorico? That would be a dream. Thank you in advance for your ideas and help!
ii-V-I-Verbindungen in allen Tonarten.pdf (100.8 KB)

No, but I’m sure some clever folk could create a script to do this.

Personally I think that, if there is merit in some poor student working through this mindless exercise, there is justice if the instructor also suffers in its production.


Also (although I realise it doesn’t answer your question), if you do transposition with the shift-I popover then it can be really quite quick. For example, “t M2” in the shift-I popover transposes everything by a major second. So you could select your initial material, hit “r” (to repeat it), then shift-I, then either “t m2” or “t M2” as appropriate, and then repeat all those steps until you’ve cycled through all your keys. More info at Note tools popover