Transposition into all 12 keys

Hello Dorico user family,

I’m pretty new to Dorico, and I’m getting along well. As a Jazz educator, I often need to make teaching material showing passages in all 12 keys. I’m hoping to use Dorico to produce books of this material.

I’m finding it a bit difficult to do in Dorico, though. If I enter a simple 2 bar phrase, I have no problem transposing that into another key. I’ve figured that much out. However, If I enter that phrase in C major (yes i’ve entered the key signature), then copy it and paste it into the next two bars, I can’t get those bars to transpose key signatures. I’ve tried this in other (visible) key signatures too. I can’t even get Dorico to select the key signature in those second two bars.

If anyone has figured out the workflow on this, I’d greatly appreciate some pointers. Thanks in advance!

If memory serves me right, it isn’t possible to transpose parts of a flow by KS. You will have to enter the KSs one by one and transpose the content accordingly by alt-shift/up-down-arrow, OR use one flow per key sign…

That seems a very odd decision to me. In the case of one flow per key, how would I then get all of the phrases onto the same page?

There’s a setting for flows to start on existing pages in Layout Options… not near D. Atm so can’t spell it out :slight_smile:

Before you try to transpose by key, be sure you define the original passage explicitly as being in C with the Key Signature tool.

Yes, I’ve done that.

You, my friend, are a gentleman and a scholar. Thank you very much!!! This solves it for me.