Transposition override with new instrument name

is it possible to change the name of the instrument when I use transposition override?
i.e. when I an Eb altosax part and I want to print the same voice transposed for Bb clarinet.
In the Bb layout the instrument name stays alto sax. It would be great if it gets the name of the instrument I transposed it for.

You can override the layout name, which is normally all that is required, since layout name is what appears in the top left corner of the first page of the part and in the running header on subsequent pages.

Thanks Daniel, unfortunately I need to create another custom score layout with other parts in it too. Then I can’t change the name of the instrument. I made a work around, but it is not optimal.
It would be nice though to add the option to change the instrument name in the transposition override window.

You don’t need to change the name of the instrument. Change the name of the layout, i.e. in the Layouts panel on the right-hand side in Setup mode.