Transposition overrides lost on import to iPad

I have single player with three layouts: C, Bb, Eb
The Bb and Eb layouts have their appropriate transposition overrides on desktop Dorico 3.5
When I import the project to Dorico for iPad then the transposition overrides are lost - all layouts are displayed in concert pitch.
I realised that there was no UI (that I could find) for editing transposition overrides on iPad but I was hoping that importing to iPad would not lose this setting.
(Will upload project in a mo when I get to desktop)

Are you positive that the overall setting of the Layouts you’re watching is transposed pitch? Because if it’s in Concert pitch, it would explain why you have three identical Layouts.

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Opening a Dorico project created on your desktop computer on the iPad version will definitely not remove any clef and transposition overrides you created, unless you deleted and then recreated those layouts. If you are finding that to be the case somehow, it would be a reasonably nasty bug. If you have a reproducible case, please let me know.

Apologies. I can’t reproduce this any more.
I started a “round trip” (Desktop-iPad-Desktop) diagnostic project from scratch and all is well.
I checked over all the settings (Layout transposition; Edit >> Transposing) of my “problem” project and all is as I would expect it.
So please accept my apologies for a false alarm, and thanks for taking the time to respond. @MarcLarcher @dspreadbury