Transposition overrides

Thanks for the great update, always a pleasure (and I for one think the prize is cheap).

I have been regularly using custom layouts for doing parts with different transpositions so I was particularly happy about the transposing layouts eliminating the need for extra transposed parts. But then I found to my surprise that the custom parts cannot have their properties propagated, only regular parts. Big disappointment until I realised that a regular part can have more players than one, which had excluded me before. So I’m happy again but I wonder if I missed something else, is there any other difference between a regular part and a custom one except that transposition and all flows are included at the start in the regular ones?

Do you mean a custom score, Bengt? You can put whatever players and flows you like into a part layout, there’s certainly no requirement to have only a single player. But at present the Propagate Part Formatting command does work only with part layouts, so that should probably be a guiding principle in how you approach these tasks.

Yes, I understand, thank you.