I would like to transpose the notes on the tablature stave up an octave without it affecting the notation stave. How can I do this please? Thanks.

You cannot do this, I’m afraid. You’ll need to use two separate guitar instruments, one set to show only staff notation and the other set to display tablature, to achieve this. (Where have I heard that before?!)

Thanks for your reply Daniel. I have attached a clip of the piece I’m working on. The guitar part is coming out an octave lower (I know the guitar is a transposing instrument) than the notation. I transcribe numerous pieces from piano, violin and other instruments for the guitar and I need the guitar to come out at the same pitch as the recording. Is there some sort of default setting that I can put in place to allow me to do this please?

Would it not work to change the clef to an octaving treble clef and use the appropriate notation option to have it in the higher (sounding) octave?

Hi Klafkid, How would I go about doing this?

You can add an octave clef via the Clefs panel in Write mode, e.g. as described here. The new options for controlling the transposition behaviour of clefs are not yet described in the operation manual, but you can read about them in the Dorico 3.5 Version History PDF. They are found on the new Clefs page of Notation Options.

And believe me, Daniel, I have had many reasons to thank you and the rest of the Dorico Team for those clef options in the past weeks.
Thank you!

Thanks for all your help. This is what I have done:

  1. I have gone to the Clefs panel and selected uncommon clefs and selected ‘Treble Clef 8 above’.
  2. I have then gone to Notation Options > Clefs and selected ‘Respect Octave Indicators’.
  3. I have navigated to the Write Menu > Transpose > ‘Up an Octave’.

The attached shows that the tab now correlates to the pitch of the recording.

Please do let me know if there is a more elegant way of doing this!

This is what you wanted to achieve, correct?
Lastly, you could replace the octaving treble clef in the music symbols with the normal one, if you won’t need it in this project.
In that way, everything looks as it should.

Yes, I simply wanted to raise the frets by 12 without changing the ‘visual’ pitch of the notation stave. If you compare diagrams one and two I have accomplished this (although I haven’t sorted out the fingering yet), albeit with the different clef. If I change it back to the normal clef then surely the notation stave will transpose up and octave?

No, Sascha is suggesting that you change the symbol for the octave clef to be a regular treble G clef in Engrave > Music Symbols.

Got it… thanks.

Without wishing to appear dense, I have navigated to ENGRAVE > MUSIC SYMBOLS and ‘selected’ the G Clef from the Clefs category dropdown box. I have then hit okay and nothing has changed, I’m still left with my ‘Treble Clef 8 above’. What am I doing wrong? I have looked at the relevant sections in the user manual but I’m none the wiser. Thanks.

You need to replace the music symbol (see the gif)

You are an absolute star Rafael! That was so clear and simple. I wish there were more 10 second videos that explained things this well. Thank you so much.

Slightly more than 10 seconds, but

There are a lot of little Videos #TipsTueday:

You can follow the tips on Instagram, Twitter or elswhere. Anthony Hughes is doing a great job with these! As the name says: you get one (nearly) every tuesday.

Thanks for these links!