Transverse not working?

ive just bought transverse and its on my elicencer and my library but cubase 10.5 wont see it anyware and im at a loss what to do any ideas anyone???

hi Covert23 - welcome the Steinberg Forum

I don’t have transverse myself but it’s a Halion Library - are you saying you can’t see it in Halion (SE?)

yes how do i access the the thing i thought it would come up as a vst

Cubase comes with the free Halion SE - which is a virtual instrument.

Create an ‘instrument track’ and select Halion SE - then you should see Transverse in there…I hope :slight_smile:

Edit - it’s Halion Sonic SE

when i create an instrumenchanel and it come to select the instrument theres no option for transverse


i do that and hallion 3 comes up as a synth but i dont see transverse unfortunatley

what instruments appear in Halion Sonic 3 ?
have you registered the .vstsound

sorted thanks everone

what was the ‘fix’ ? it helps others

yes thankyou for your time and patience