Trapped in a layout loop (SOLVED)

Trying to find a solution to a layout problem.

Having put in my preferred system breaks Dorico automatically gives me 5 piano-systems a page. Wanting to make this a six-system page I put in a frame break at the end of the first system on the next page and use the ‘format music frame’ function to force the six systems onto the same page (frame).

Although that works, the first system gets split up resulting in seven systems on the page. But when I try to re-format that split system back into one I lose the frame format and the page reverts back to five systems.

I then try and re-format the frame again and the same thing happens - creating a loop from which I haven’t found a way of escaping.

Can anyone offer a key and help me get out?

Best wishes, Ian

I have solved this by going into note spacing mode and squashing a couple of notes together. (banging a couple of heads together)

best wishes, Ian

in Engrave Mode there is also a ’Make into System‘

yes, but the point was that ‘make into System’ was being undone when that system was then formatted with other systems into a frame.

You probably simply need to switch on the ‘Wait for next system break’ property for the frame break at the start of the frame, so that it will both try to force all the music into the frame and also respect the next system break.

Yes, thanks Daniel, I tried it and it works.