trash button on system track when clicking multiple bars


To erase multiple bars, we select the system track of the first bar (A) and the last bar (B), but the trash icon appears only on the first bar.

There is no problem when clicking B firstly, then A. However, I almost click A firstly, then B. I assume this behaviour should be influenced by my mother tongue. In Korean, the starting point precedes the endpoint in a sentence.
This is the same in English and German.

  • from bar 5 to bar 10
  • bars 5-10
  • from the fifth measure 5 to the 10th bar

I want to ask if other users also have the same behaviour I have.

If many users have the same behaviour, then I think we could suggest a feature request regarding this:

  • trash icon appears on the first and last bar of the system track
  • trash icon appears on each bar of the system track

I suspect the trash can is on the left specifically BECAUSE you’re more likely to select A before selecting B. In fact, I don’t even know whether it’s possible to select B first and then select A, as I’ve never tried. My guess it that the team have intentionally made it easier to select everything within the System Track selection (by clicking the square at the end of the System Track selection) than to delete the bars (which requires scrolling to the start of the selection).

Oh, and if you want to delete lots of bars quickly, the best method is to invoke the Shift+B popover and type -50 (or however many bars you want to delete).

I know that method. However, this is not so convenient because I must calculate the amount of the bars which will be deleted.

Checking bar numbers is mainly done when

  • having practice in rehearsals
  • analysing a piece

However, I do not check the bar number when arranging and composing so often. Instead, I check the contents such as phrases (the combination of pitches, rhythm and dynamic etc.), lyrics and chords. Mostly by looking at the phrases, I know where I am working.

Probably because of it, I prefer deleting bars via system tracking.

This never got responded to and I wonder why not? I completely agree with prko on this point. The system track works so nicely to erase whole bars usually, why not now?

It’s a boring technical limitation, I’m afraid. It’s something we hope to improve in future.