Trash - Move files to folder

Please add function into Pool / Trash to move files which are already in Trash into selected folder.
This allowes to bulk clear unused files without opening each project, and also to keep files on drive while project is not 100% finished.

I usually just remove them from the Pool, instead of moving them to the trash. It keeps the files exactly where they were, in the Audio folder.

Once you are 100% finished and ready to archive the project, I recommend you use the File / Backup Project command, as it will then only save the actually used audio and other files. And save it onto your backup drive.

Using File / Backup project is not batchable, and it consumes a lot of time when I have to open each project. This is perfect for large projects.
For small projects (I usually have 4 projects per day) where during project closing is not clear if it is finished, some middle state is needed. Something as “pre-archived”.
If I move unused files to separate folder (as I requested):

  • I have saved clean project
  • I can still restore them if needed
  • On end of year I can delete content of that 800 folders and my archive is ready in 1 minute.
    And that is the point.