trash preferences black magic

Well… i think time as come for me to try the old "trashing preferences " trick, as i experiment a lot of strange problem( hanging notes, etc) with up to date kontakt, in up to date cubase, on up to date windows 7 64. If someone can explain me the easy way to achieve this, i really appreciate, as it seems to be a little bit complicated…

It’s not complicated at all, and perfectly documented in the Steinberg knowledgebase. Search for it there, it has very clear instructions.

Thanx !

Aloha J,

Try not to ‘trash’ (delete) them.

Just ‘move’ the preference folder from where
it now lives to some place else on the hard drive and restart Cubase.

Once Cubase realizes it cannot find the old preference folder it will make a new one.

If this procedure does not solve your prob then the prob is not with your preferences
and you can just remove the now ‘new’ preference folder and put back the old one.

Give it a try.