Trash Prefs? on mac 10.8 with horrible probs now


first, just wanted to ask where on OSX 10.8.1 do you trash cubase prefs?

i have a yamaha N12 with the latest drivers, cubase 6.5.3 on a mac pro octo 2.8, 16 gigs ram etc and its running horribly since upgrading, it glitches, stops, stutters, it has crashed cubase more than once now.

i have tried every buffer setting from 128 to 2048 and it doesn’t make a diff

i have a small project started and its impossible to record or work on anything in cubase now, even older projects that were rock solid on SL and 10.7

i am running cubase in 64 bit as well

at this point i might as well trash prefs, and see if that gets me anywhere

this latest song is all of 25 tracks, few plugs, no VSTI at all

and ever since i upgraded to 10.8 its been horrible. 10.7 was kinda bad to.

so anyway, where can i find the folder now? and what all gets hosed or do i need to watch out for when i do this?


I don’t know how to do it on a Mac but I fairly certain the Knowledge Base article will tell you how.

Got it

in case anyone needs it

hold the OPTION key down and click GO
while holding option click on LIBRARY
go to PREFERENCES folder
trash it

then go to cubase 6 folder and delete


and, after all that its better but still glitching

Not very encouraging

Anyone running Cubase in 10.8 successfully on a 2008 vintage Octocore?

Cubase runs GREAT here on ML. Maybe the N12 driver is the problem. Did you do a clean install of OSX 10.8?