Trash your preferences - Why?

After trying everything I could imagine to get N8 to load some of my N7 created projects, I finally resorted to trashing my preference files.

It worked! However it does make me wonder why the who!e ‘preference file’ system seems to be so flaky and prone to corruption.

Surely, after all these years it should be possible for a new version of Nuendo to read the preference files of a previous version, import them into the new version and, if necessary, modify them at the same time to accommodate any new options provided. It should be a seamless and reliable process.

The idea that we are expected to start fiddling about in obscure folders, looking for nebulous file names, then to delete them and re-enter all the settings (if we can remember them) seems ludicrous, unprofessional and dangerous.

Or is there a good reason why we have to go through this? - i don’t know of any other software that is so stressful to install (except perhaps Cubase).