Trashed preferences, uninstall/reinstall- Same problem

I am suddenly having a problem with Waves Plugins being “thrown”. The Waves plugins gets “thrown”, Cubase stops responding for a minute along with the plugin being whited out, I am asked to save the project and restart the application. I do so and the same problem occurs, I am also having trouble upon saving/exiting Cubase. Cubase stops responding completely.

First I trashed the preferences. Then I did a uninstall/reinstall. It’s still happening.

Here are some changes I made. Could they be causing the problem?

  1. Added another RME AES HDSP and Aurora 16 for 32 A/D D/A
  2. Went offline with my computer.

If anybody could please give me some advice I would appreciate it. I have scoured the internet, but have seen no other solutions to my problem. Waves said to trash preferences, but the problem isn’t just Waves, it’s the problem with Cubase not responding upon exiting as well. So, I’m here in need of help.



Frank, hi. I just deleted a post regarding Waves and how I was getting all of their Mono plugins shifting my stereo out to the left. I even talked to a Waves Tech about this and he concurred, that Waves and Cubase do not talk too well.

OK, so fast forward three weeks and I had another issue with Waves that I elected to email them about. I had a friendly reply, my issue was resolved, and - in passing - I mentioned the thing about the Mono plugins. This person said that this did not happen. OK, so I made a quick video, posted it on YouTube and then the Wave’s person asked me to send my project file because he/she could not duplicate my problem. Hm. So I thought I should start a new Project and send this file. I loaded/recorded a single mono track and next loaded a waves Mono plugin. Boom! The problem did not occur - and I could not get it to happen again. So I went back to my old Project and demoed the problem again (it’s still there) for myself and also checked all my VST connections. Everything looks great. I really cannot see anything different about either Project except for the number of track, of course.

So where am I going with this? I would suggest you move the entire project, track by track, to a new Project window if you find no joy. I don’t know sometimes what happens when strange things happen like this. I am left only with a test to perform in my case, to determine if something’s wrong: I can load up a Mono plugin and see if it sends the audio to the left output more than the right output. And it’s something I will do with every Project now because I have no explanation for what happened to my old Project. Sorry if this is no help for you, BTW.

Thanks for your reply mr. roos

I found that the problem is with my Radeon HD 5450 graphics card. When I disable the driver, I don’t get any Cubase hanging or any Waves white outs. AMD suggested I update their control panel, but I still am having intermittent problems with both Cubase and Waves. I did not have this problem when I was using an HDMI screen, but my studio expanded and I’m now using a MAC VGA screen. So, I don’t know how much that is influencing the problem.

I use an AMD graphics card, see my signature but not a VGA input monitor. This may make a difference, I dunno. What AMD does not tell you is that you can carefully (do the selectable component install, not the automatic) load the driver and basically not install the Control Panel - loading instead just the new driver. And the new driver is always better than the old one it would seem. For example, the new driver is version What version is yours?

After installing the AMD driver, install CCleaner, and here go to the Tools/Uninstall tab, and remove the AMD Catalyst Installer program after you install the new driver. Never install the Catalyst Control Panel! When you are done, you have the new driver without all the AMD BS.

AMD used to let you download JUST the driver, now you’ve got this Trojan Horse program (Catalyst) that can be removed with CCleaner. Unfortunately Win7 will not let you easily remove the AMD Catalyst Download Manager from your list of programs, you need something like CCleaner.

Thanks mr. roos. AMD told me the problem may be because I didn’t install the updated Catalyst Center. So I did it, but it obviously doesn’t help and I don’t want any gaming. So, I’ll uninstall it and just use the driver.