Trashing preferences AGAIN in 6.0.6

Why have I to trash preferences EVERY TIME that I install a new version?

This time it crashed on quit even without loading any session :imp:
Trashing preferences fixed it.

Please, Steinberg, care MORE about customer experience. Nuendo 6 makes me feel like I’m beta-testing the development from the first day.

Well, this is it: you don’t have to trash the preferences. The bug is not in the preference files, it’s the EuCon connection (2.7.1). Even without a session opened, if you have the EuCon active, it crashes on quit.

Workaround: close the EuCon program BEFORE closing Nuendo.

I was having the same issue, just upgraded to Eucon 3.0. So far all is well. john.

EuCon 3.0 seems to be pretty buggy, but I’ll give it a try again. Thanks for the heads up.

Tried and worked, but I have to restart the EuCon service every time I start up the computer because it has a very known bug.

I don’t know why Steinberg has to break things to fix others. I wasted half a day yesterday trying to find what was crashing Nuendo all the time.

no problem here with Eucon 3.0, no need to restart Eucon (make sure only one network- the one connected to the board, is active), and finally the scrolling wheel in working on ALL edit windows.

Same as Shauli here, no need to restart Eucon. In fact, at the risk of sabotaging myself, 6.06 in 64 bit w/Eucon 3.0 is super stable so far. Building up a 50+ track show, no FX or automation yet, will report back. john.

I’m back to 6.0.5

I need to use two Ethernet ports and it crashes even with EuCon 3.0

6.0.5 is not the best, buy I know the bugs and the workarounds. 6.0.6 fixes things and breaks other, what a pity!