Treating audio sample independently

Hi guys!

I have a problem here, which maybe sounds stupid and i’m just lacking the vocabulary to find the solution on google or here.

I have an audio file which i imported to a stereo track and where i cutted out the sample i want. Now i want to use this sample more than once with light differences (apply variaudio etc), but if i change something in one segment, it is changed for all others too. When i want to copy this sample to an empty audio segment, it appears to be some kind of “sub sample” inside this track and is also affected of these “global” changes.
How is it possible, to make an independent copy of a track?

Please help me out on this topic! Thanks in advance!


Duplicate the event, then Right mouse button on the event in the project window and select ConvertToRealCopy. This will then create a new version of the clip in the Pool which you can edit independently. It will still reference the same Audio File on disk though (look in the Pool to see this).


Thanks! This is exactly what i was looking for!