Treble clef 8va below

Nuggets like this are half the reason I frequent these forums. :laughing: :laughing:

Post by post, we are starting to see a lot to look forward to in the next Dorico version, even if it is still months away–not even including the often big reveal surprises that accompany each release.

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Look, another thread with the same old theme. As described in this thread (, I don’t really care if an ‘8’ or a ‘15’ is written or not, for me as an arranger, the most important thing is that “concert pitch” shows the right octave, so that no difficulties arise when copying and exporting (as XML). If “transposing pitch” is set, of course other octave positions may be shown. And especially for guitar (and bass) notation it is really important to note that this octave transposition is originally there to avoid having to notate the guitar in two clefs. And pianoleos tricks – as genius as they are – are, sorry to say so, workarounds and as arranger and copyist I really want written notes sounding in the right pitches and octav positions.

OK, I give in and hopefully this will do the job, because I waited for this answer about 3 years now and was perhaps a little bit too frustrated or to stubborn so I overlooked Daniels reply. But hey that’s good news, so let’s celebrate in those hard times! :smiley: :smiley:

I was almost ready to write another question about the Tenor 8vb treble clef transposition, but the feature in Notation options presented here by Mr Spreadbury WORKS PERFECTLY! Thank you very much, it is very useful!

P.S. Perhaps some members of the Dorico team or somebody else on this forum might be interested to know why/how I used the transposition feature, so here it is: I have a Male Choir (a „lead” instrument in a section player) that usually plays a very simple unison melody on 1 single staff, but sometimes divides in 2 (Tenors with the transposing treble cleff and Basses using the divisi feature). Before the 8vb feature, the unison was in fact an octave, workable, but somewhat annoying… Now that we have this option, everything works fine in any situation! Thanks and keep up the good work!