Treble Flute

What’s a Treble Flute? And what’s it doing in the Brass category?

Loving all sorts of things about my purchased Dorico but, just as when I started with Composers’ Mosaic, Igor Engraver and Sibelius 4, I’m stumbling around wanting to have a teacher by my side.

A treble flute is a flute in G, I believe, per Wikipedia. It’s not in the brass family: it’s in the woodwind family, not only in the real world but in Dorico too. I guess you probably typed “tr” and saw “trumpet”, “trombone”, “treble flute”, etc., and assumed that all of the entries in the middle column of the picker were from the same family, whereas if you select a different entry in the middle list, you’ll see that in fact the correct family in the left-hand list is highlighted as you move down the middle list.

It seems to be in the Brass family here:
Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 12.11.25.png

So it does! Somehow it appears to be in both the brass and woodwind families. I’ll sort that out.

also, in the US this flute is called an Alto flute.

An Alto flute is in G a 4th below, the Treble flute is in G a 5th above… :slight_smile:

An alto piccolo!

interesting. never heard of the ‘treble flute’ a fifth above the standard ‘c’ flute (an alto flute an octave above!!). the Eb flute is bad enough. must be a very rare beast (the Eb certainly is).

Dorico doesn’t have the old “Piccolo in Db” formerly used in military bands (and found in some old editions of Sousa marches). It’s probably obsolete now, but 5 flats is a good key for brass instruments.

One rather well known solo for it survives - easier to play in G than in A flat!