treble recorder playback

Hi, trying to work on an arrangement for recorder ensemble. Why Dorico doesn’t transpose for example treble recorder one octave higher when playing it back? Piccolo flute plays back correctly. Thank you

Dear mipi,

It works for me. I had a voice part that I changed instrument to Soprano Recorder. The music was re-written down an octave, showing that the original pitch is played one octave higher than written. I also checked and the written pitch of the Soprano Recorder plays back one octave higher. I am not sure why this isn’t working for you.

The treble recorder is another name for the Alto Recorder, which should sound back at written pitch. The soprano recorder is supposed to sound back an octave higher than notated, as is the Bass Recorder. The Alto, the Tenor and the Great Bass in C all are supposed to sound back at written pitch.

The alternate name for the Soprano recorder (which sounds an octave higher) is the Descant recorder. As notedabove, the Treble is the alternate name for the Alto.

Hi, I am sorry, as I discovered there is soprano recorder as well, I deleted this post. Any way I see for some reason it is still here. Thank you very much for your answers:)