Treble Staff with ONLY Treble Piano voice

How can I write a score (melody) on the Treble Staff that plays back in Piano voice WITHOUT having the Piano Bass Staff? I specifically do not want playback to be synthetic voices or instruments but Piano. Thanks :slight_smile:

You can hide the empty bass stave. Scroll to the bottom in layout-options → vertical distances. There you find → hide empty staves.
I use the german version, so it could be that the exact names are a bit different.

Yep, it’s Layout Options > Vertical Spacing in English, IIRC.

Alternatively use any treble clef instrument you like, change the instrument name (instrument not player) and then pick a piano sound in Halion.

I am not able to find “Vertical Distances.” I found Layout Options by clicking the gear icon from Setup mode Layouts window, but I do not see vertical distances. Thanks for your help and patience

Which is why I said it’s “Vertical Spacing” in the English version!
Click on this screenshot for exactly the settings you need:

Thanks so very much, but I seem to have a more general problem… I cannot even navigate to the dialog from the screen shot! How do I get there? I have looked elsewhere and nothing has helped.

Layout Options, top left corner. There’s a drop down menu. It probably says Page Layout when you open the dialog.

Thanks for your perseverance, found “Hide Empty Staves” dialog.

Hi guys. Thanks for the advice here. I tried using this method and it worked to hide the bass staff, but I still see a curly brace to the left of the single staff, kind of weird. Any way to get rid of that?

Essentially all I want is a blank staff for writing melodies, not instrument name, but to have piano playback for note entry.

Layout Options—Brackets and Braces—Secondary bracket appearance—When only one staff of braced group is shown.