Treeview of tracks in Arranger

Hi Lars,

Currently, the track data is laid out in several places -

MIDI/Audio - Arranger
Automation - Automation editor
PitchBend/Mod Wheel - Piano Roll editor

How about the track Arranger display in a Treeview layout with all related data such as Automation, PitchBend, ModWheel, etc. shown as child tracks under each parent track to see all related data in one place? Treeview nodes may be collapsed by default and expanded on demand. Double tapping on these child tracks can still open the editors as they do now. Each parent track may have only the child tracks that have any data in them. For instance, if there is no PB data recorded, there is no need to display the PB child track to keep it simple and quick to navigate.


Also, the ability to add child tracks to a parent track for any other type of data like CC, program change, after touch, etc and be able to draw and edit them.