Tremelo effect not recognised in Cubase

Hi, I am recording an Organ sound in Cubase from my Roland RD-2000 but Cubase doesn’t recognise when i switch the Tremelo on or off. Could someone please advise how I get Cubase to know when I switch the Tremelo on or off please.

Many thanks,

Hi and welcome,

How do you record the Organ? Do you record MIDI data or the audio signal? How do you switch the Tremolo? Is it a MIDI message? What MIDI message is it?

Hi Martin, thank you. I am recording midi data and switching the tremelo on and off via the tremelo button on the keyboard. I’m not sure what midi message it is using - is there a way I can check?


You can use Cubase MIDI Monitor (or other software) to check it out. Or you can have a look to the specification of the instrument.

When you use the switcher, can you see incoming MIDI activity on Cubase’s Transport Panel?