tremolo and NotePerformer

Dear users and Developers,

I have experienced that Dorico or NotePerformer do not play the following tremolo correctly:

snare (it produces one or two sounds):
Screenshot 2020-06-06 04.24.51.png
violin (it produces no sound):
[attachhment=0]Screenshot 2020-06-06 16.06.58.png[/attachment]

Could anyone help me how I could get a correct playback?

Thank you in advance.
Screenshot 2020-06-06 16.06.58.png

Could it be related to the tempo of the piece?
With the tempo “quaver = 240”, Dorico does not produce sound.
However, Dorico produces sound with the tempo “quaver = 100”, for example.

Something to do with the way repeat slashes work within NP.
This plays as expected: