Tremolo beams - can I alter the horizontal spacing in any way?

It seems that in some measures the tremolo beams can’t be moved at all in Engraver Mode. But I have some measures in some fairly traditionally notated passages where the tremolo beams overlap with a grace note or simply the accidentals. In the engraver options I already maxed out the maximum distance between notes and the beams, but still it overlaps. In Engraver Mode, you cannot seem to tweak anything horizontally. I read a similar post about this from 2017, however it’s 2022 now and these beams aren’t budgin’. Does anyone know if I’m overlooking anything or is this something that needs to be updated in the new version?

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Try these two options - they might help you to get closer to the appearance you want.

Engraving Options > Tremolos > Multi-note Tremolos > Position of tremolos relative to semibreves > Centered between notional stems

Engraving Options > Tremolos > Multi-note Tremolos > Advanced Options > Inset tremolo lines for whole notes (semibreves) - increase the value until the tremolo beams no longer cover the grace note

Also, it is possible in Engrave mode to change the vertical position of the tremolo beams using either click and drag or click and alt/opt & up- or down-arrow. There does not seem to be a way to move the ends of the tremolo beams horizontally.

This has been discussed before, e.g. here – there are some suggestions in this thread that might be helpful

(Edit: Thomas’ question on this topic in the Facebook group is accessible here.)

Thanks for linking the two, Lillie!

Hi Steven,

Thanks for the welcome and taking the time to respond! The ‘centered between notational stems’ doesn’t seem to alter anything. And when I increase the inset value, the beams in the more crammed systems disappear because it changes the inset for all beams in the piece. I’m afraid indeed I’ll have to choose my battles and change the vertical position of the faulty measures.

Just curious: how does one perform this?