Tremolo Bug Report

Not really sure whether this is technically a bug but it is reproducible behavior which will cause Dorico to Quit.
In PLAYBACK option, TREMOLOS, Fraction of a Quarter Note at 120bpm - If you inadvertently have this set to ‘0’ (I know it doesn’t make sense, but the option is there), and then try and create a Three Strokes Multi-note Tremolo using two notes, Dorico will Quit.
I’m guessing that the option of choosing ‘0’ should be removed. There are also negative values available, but they also seem redundant.

Didn’t someone recently report something along these lines in another thread?

If they did, I could not find it. I don’t think this has been reported before.

I can confirm the same result. Strange it’s only setting the multi-note tremolo that crashes. Normal 3-slash tremolos don’t (even though they would be equally nonsensical)

It was a similar zero problem with tuplet input a week earlier.

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There is meant to be some protection against a zero value for this control, but unfortunately it’s become unhooked. Thanks for letting us know about it – we’ll make sure it gets fixed in a future version.