Tremolo disappeared?

Has Dorico 1.1 removed tremolo writing functions?

According to the online help there should be a separate icon for tremolo in the notations toolbox:

My toolbox doesn’t have it:

Is there a setting I need to tweak somewhere?

The documentation has not been updated to reflect changes made in Dorico 1.1.

Tremolos are found in the same toolbox section as repeat endings.

Thanks, have just discovered this by accident. Seems a not very logical place to put them.

I think the logic is that they are all to do with repeating things - either notes or bars. I guess slash notations might end up in that section too.

So, I’m in the repeat section and there are no tremolo options?.. Version 1.1.1
In the Repeat Endings - not logical.

If by the “repeat section” you mean the “barlines section” then no, of course tremolos aren’t there, because that’s substantially less logical than them being in the actual repeat section (which is where repeat endings are but not repeat barlines). :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously, trems ARE in the repeat section in 1.1.10 - I used them yesterday. Given they’re something that indicates a sort of repeat, I think it’s as good a place as any.

The documentation has not been updated to reflect changes made in Dorico 1.1.

This cost me 15 minutes of confusion, until I stumbled on this thread.

I don’t think this is cool. Not only does the documentation refer to an affordance that no longer exists, but there’s no disclaimer on the documentation that it’s out of date.

As I understand, Steinberg has recently hired a new technical writer to prepare a proper Dorico help file. As they say, “help is on the way!”.

Fantastic news! Real documentation will be very welcome.

We’re sorry that the documentation has not yet been updated. But we are making solid progress on fleshing out the documentation. Our focus at the moment is on expanding the section of the documentation called ‘Notation reference’, which explains how each of the various notational features of the application are input and edited (this includes tremolos, of course). Once that section is more or less complete we expect to publish a big update with all of that material. Then our attention will turn to documenting Play mode, which is currently pretty much completely undocumented, and then go back over the other modes to ensure that their documentation is fully in line with the current state of the program.

When documenting play mode, please consider that ex-Finale users may know nothing of any other Steinberg software, so links to the documentation of the components that are incorporated into or used by Dorico may be helpful.