Tremolo in Symphonic Orchestra

When I add something like Ensemble Combi, I can open up the instrument and see that it has Tremelo as an articulation. But how do I actually use that articulation? The docs are pretty much non-existant. Is there a walk through?

Use the keys (marked in orange colour) to change the mode. These are the “key switches” and they are described at the back of the manual.

I don’t have a full keyboard so I was hoping I could just toggle it for a particular track. Is that possible?

Yes, in the key editor, click Expression Map (to the left), then Import Key Switches. Click the Velocity Controller to the bottom left and select Create Controller Lane. Now select Articulations/Dynamics and you’ll be able to “draw” the tremolo. Click to expand:

Awesome! Thanks!!!


This is an old thread, but kind of related with a problem importing a XML score: I wrote a short piece using Notion (from Presonus), exported it as XML and then imported in Cubase. I assigned two instruments using HSO and in the score editor I can see the articulations and dynamics, but I have tried a lot of things to make this articulations play. I try to load the expression map at the left but the only thing that I get it is that the track is played now with a trill in every note. Can it be that simply the export in XML don’t handle this articulations and dynamics or that they are not readable from Cubase. But they are visible in the score editor in Cubase. I have read the HSO manual, the section about expression maps in the Cubase manual and found and read this thread in the forum (with another thread within it), but I can’t make that this works.

I would appreciate any help, thank you!