Tremolo not appearing properly

I used the Repeats popover to insert a tremolo under a semibreve (whole note); instead, Dorico shows three parallel lines over the whole bar (measure).

How can I make the tremolo appear correctly (under) the semibreve as three, short, parallel, diagonal slashes?


(as the above, but sideways)

I’d insert little screenshots, but the Forum here won’t let me.

Thank you.

Tremolo slashes appear on the side that a stem would, if a stem were present. What staff position/note is your semibreve?

You can force the direction by flipping the note, key command F.

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Thanks again for your help Lillie.

I deleted the semibreve, inserted a new one and tried to add a tremolo using Shift-R, then typing ‘///2’. No tremolo appears on the note.

I take your point about bring able to flip the position of the tremolo. (Yes, tremolos should appear on the stem side.)

///2 is the popover entry for a 3-stroke multi-note tremolo, ie between two notes. /// is the entry for a 3-stroke tremolo on a single note. See here.

In Dorico, you generally shouldn’t need to delete notes entirely in order to change something about them or to add new notations to, or delete notations from, them.

Got it, thank you Lillie.

I also found this conveniently in the Notations toolbox>Repeat icon

…and selecting ‘3-Strokes single note tremolo’.

Thanks again for you help :slight_smile:

For most notations, you should find that they have panel (ie onscreen) and popover (ie keyboard-based) input equivalents.