tremolo notation & playback

I’ve got a passage of dotted minims that I’ve notated with single tremolo slashes to save inputting six quavers each measure. I’d like them to play back as quavers, but at the moment I’m getting the tremolo keyswitch.

The technical answer is the immediate thing I’m looking for, but I’m wondering about notation conventions too. Is the decision when to play timed repetitions, and when to scratch as fast as you can, entirely contextual? Dependent, for example, on tempo?

You don’t say which sound library you are using to play back.
Could you tell us which version of Dorico, which computer OS (and version) you are using as well.

I found that, with HALion and NotePerformer, a crotchet/quarter with two slashes played back measure semi-quavers/sixteenths with no problem.

Check the settings for tremolo playback in Play / Playback options, in the Timing panel.

AFAIK you should only be getting a tremolo keyswitch if those settings make your tremolo play as unmeasured.

Oh that’s quite annoying: I wrote a reply and I thought I posted it, but it has disappeared.

Short version: seems to be functioning properly at the moment. Was working with XML imports and different sound libraries (VSL, Kontakt etc.).