Tremolo placement with ledger lines

I was taught that on notes with ledger lines any tremolo slashes should not intersect the outside line (top or bottom) of the staff and have always manually adjusted stems to make that happen since none of the notation programs (Dorico included) seem to respect that. First off - it that even a thing that anyone else cares about? And, if so, would the team consider baking it in to Dorico to save even more manual tweaking?

From my experience, Dorico handles this already quite well by itself—certainly better than the competition.
In Engrave mode, you can tweak this manually (which is not possible, for example, in Sibelius). Then, in Engraving options, you have a cubic ton of options on exactly this. Enough to keep you busy on sleepless nights!

Of course, if you want to show a project where things are not as you like, we’re here to help :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. It’s not a specific project - it’s the general default behaviour. Dorico already recognizes that there are ledger lines (as you mentioned, better than the competitors) but the tremolo strokes hang on the outer staff line - which I don’t want. It would be nice to change this or at least have an additional option in the engraving settings that allows finer control - at the moment there is nothing addressing this situation, (BTW In Sibelius I just lengthen the stem - which I find also usually needs to be done in Dorico in addition to moving the tremolo).

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