Tremolo playback (marimba)

Just picked up the VSL VI Percussion full library (on offer till the end of the month) and headed straight to the marimba.

It has separate patches for single-note tremolo, and chord tremolo. I don’t really use single-note trems (to date at least), so set up the Expression Map to switch to the chord trem patch – and Dorico handles that.

But as well as switching to the patch, playback is implementing a generated trem, which just sounds silly. I see in the playback options the distinction is made for trills – generated or sampled – but trems aren’t mentioned.

Any enlightenment available?

I believe provided your expression map makes clear that the patch is a performed unmeasured tremolo by way of the appropriate playback technique, Dorico won’t also generate lots of repeated notes.

Thanks Daniel. I might ask the forum for views about the measured vs unmeasured thing because, in my innocence, I haven’t really come across it before. For the present, though, can I declare a default? If not, then how do I indicate one or the other in a specific instance such as this?