Tremolo playback on tied notes.

When tying an un-slashed note to a slashed note of the same pitch, all notes play back as tremolo notes.

Is this intentional? Should I be notating the connection as a slur instead of a tie? (Note that I have defined “Legato + Tremolo” as tremolo playback in my expression maps, to keep a slur into a slashed note from playing the wrong sample, although I figured this wouldn’t be relevant in a tie situation.)

My personal bias would be to use a slur rather than a tie, but IIRC if one puts the notes in different voices one can tie them together without the tremolo migrating. I believe it is also possible to remove the trem slashes from individual notes in Engrave mode, but I am less clear about that option.

Engrave mode, Properties panel, Notes and Rests; turn on the Single stem tremolo switch.

It’s a current limitation that tremolo playback is applied to all notes in a tie chain. This is of course on our list for the future