Tremolo playback technique

Hi all,

I’m sure this question has been asked several times here but I can’t figure out how to make a 3-stroke mark trigger the tremolo articulation on my VST intrument (Stradivari violin).

I created an expression map for Stradivari violin and, of course, a slot for the tremolo articulation, which is related to the “tremolo” playback technique in the relevant list. However I can’t find how to make a relationship between this playback technique and the 3-stroke mark which is not in the playing technique list.

That relationship must exist somewhere because everything works as expected with VSL Pro (the expression maps are provided by VSL). I guess I miss something.

I have set the 3-stroke mark as the limit to be played as non-measured tremolos in the playback options.

This works “behind the scenes”… two things I would check. 1) what does the Pt lane in Play show. 2) check that tremolo is covered by a mutual exclusion group…

Exactly what I hadn’t done, which led me to the explanation : I had forgotten to add a “nat.” playing technique on the first note of the musical phrase to be played in tremolos so that the detache I used right before was still active.

I have to work out my expression map (especially the mutual exclusion groups).

Thank you, @fratveno !