Tremolo spacing

Hi. I’m having some issues with the note spacing of a two-note tremolo. Please see the attached graphic - the tremolo strokes are colliding with the accidental, and I can’t find any way to adjust the gap between the end of the tremolo stroke and the following note (or accidental). I’m very probably missing something obvious…
Screenshot 2017-11-06 16.19.46.png

In Engrave mode, if you enable the Note spacing tool, you should be able to nudge the second half of the bar away from the tremolo bars

Hi Marc. Thanks for the response. That’s what I thought too - but when using Note Spacing, nudging the second half of the bar rightwards just extends the tremolo slashes too…

I’ve noticed this too. Hopefully someone from the team will drop by soon.

The tremolo slashes are centred between the inside of the noteheads, and they don’t currently take the accidentals into account. I will make a note of this as something for us to address in future.

Dear Tim,

I did not expect that behavior ! Sorry for I did answer quite far from my computer, hence I could not try before posting…

Thanks Daniel.

No need for an apology Marc - I appreciated the suggestion!

Has anyone figured out a workaround for this? I wouldn’t mind adjusting the tremolo lines manually, but that doesn’t seem possible. In Engrave Mode, all I can do is move the lines up and down — I don’t seem to be able to adjust their lengths.

I’ve been able to fake the OP’s example. It’s possible but not an elegant solution.

  1. Use the note spacing tool to move the second tremolo chord to the left, graphically. The tremolo beams are shortened.
  2. Hide the noteheads of the second tremolo chord with the color property.
  3. Select the accidental, adjust the Accidental X offset property so it does no longer collide with the tremolo beams.
  4. Replace the invisible noteheads with text objects.
    tremolo spacing.png