Tremolo wanted ...

Hello Friends
I am looking for a plugin/software that can give me a realistic tremolo like it is known from a Mandolin, Bouzouki or Balalaika. If possible, not only for stringed instruments.
I had an old software which could do that, but it is no good on W7, anymore.
Any idea?

Big K

I have various VSTi like Omnisphere, but didn’t get my head quite around it, yet…
Quite possible, it can do that, but for ease of use I’d prefer a single FX, not a huge beast like that.

CableGuy’s Volumeshaper would do what you describe: it has a clocked or free-running LFO and you can draw whatever envelope shape you want. Filtershaper is more complete with filter and pan control, but more expensive. Free trials are available.

But it might be better to retrigger the synth note from an arpeggiator and reshape the envelopes so it sounds right. I’d have a tendency to try that first.

I had a look at the shaper, but agree with you.
A arpeggiator of some kind might be the better choice for the job.
The search continnues…

Big K

It wouldn’t be very hard to cobble this together as a VST in SonicBirth freeware. That program is Mac only, but maybe there’s a Win equivalent you can find?

Would the tremolo in Waves GTR3 work? I have it so before you buy send me a sample and I could show you what it sounds like?