tremolo where you can control the shape of the LFO ?

Im doing a project where I’d like to control the shape of a tremolo LFO to make it more square.

The inbuilt Steinberg tremolo is good, but doesn’t seem to have this functionality, does anyone know of one which does?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Check out CableGuys MIDI Shaper…

(although maybe this topic should really be in the Plugins forum?)

great thanks vic_france!

ah yeh sorry probably should be in the plugins forum!

In this case, I warmly recommend Melda´s Plugin Bundle (Freeware!)
There´s a great “Tremolo-Plugin” with an adjustable shape - all these plugins are very useful!

Download (OSX, VST2, VST3, 32/64Bit)

wow those look really great

thanks Centralmusic! :sunglasses:

and you can use Cubase´s “Chopper” - the same tremolo effect in square mode:

ah yes I use Chopper quite a bit, although I’d also love more control here… phase control and more options on shape would be great, but it looks like the Melda plugins are a great way forward thanks!

ok, I see: go for it! Melda rulez!!!
:smiley: I really love these bundle! (incl. Midi Control, VST3, scalable windows…)

their other stuff looks very interesting too… hmm… tempting to purchase their ultimate bundle

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Haven’t seen those before. are they 64-bit native?


Mmmm… that Melda stuff does look very nice indeed! :slight_smile:

cool, thanks for pointing me to them central :slight_smile:

Yeah, looks real good - now let’s hear how they sound… Nice they use Cubase in their videos too. Thanks for the tip!