Please help me somebody.
I’m losing my mind.

How do I write plain and simple tremolos on strings?
I can’t believe I’m asking such a simple question but I’m on the notice and forum for hours and I still have no clue.
I had no problem on Sibelius and Notion, but I just can’t find it on Dorico 4.
Please, I’m a pro and losing precious time and sanity.

Thank you.

Thank you so much Richard.

How can tremolos be in the overall stucture category? There is something very wrong here.
And also the notice doesn’t give any return to the “tremolo” keyword.

But thank you very much anyway.

I assume by notice you mean the manual (lost in translation?).
For me the keyword tremolo returns 72 references in the online manual.

Nothing wrong. Dorico is very logical and consistent. Tremolos are repetition of note/s so is very logical to put them in the “Repetition” category.

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