tremolos and beams

Hello all,

tiny bug report for the Dorico tremolo/beam person. I have a low note jumping to a high note, as in the attached. I then added a tremolo and as you can see this then overlapped the low note. No big deal because I can fix it by forcing stems up, but I thought it worth mentioning, in case bug reports are being picked up here.

Best, Michael
Screenshot 2019-02-28 at 08.48.38.png

There’s no good graphical solution to that situation that retains the centred beam. I would advise against forcing centred beams when you’re using tremolos with multiple strokes.

Hello Daniel,

I didn’t force a centred beam, rather that was the default with the notes entered. Instead I had to force it back to a normal beam to overcome the problem.

Best, Michael

Well, that doesn’t make any sense to me. Dorico won’t produce a centred beam by default. If you start a new project and input those pitches as a pair of beamed quavers I’m certain you’ll find that the stem points up by default.