Tremolos don't playback correctly after beams reinitialization

When I reinitialise beams, tremolos don’t playback anymore.

If I recreate tremolos, it plays back again.
If i repoen the dorico file too. This the only work around I find to solve this.

Maybe a small bug correction for a next release.

Sorry, can you be a bit more specific? Can you attach a simple project file that reproduces the problem?


here is a very simple example.

Just open the file and play. The playback is correct.
Select the 2 measures, and go to edit/beams/reinitialize beams and then play back. You can’t hear the tremolo anymore.
If you rewrite the tremolos it works again, if you relead the file it works again.

Note that I’m using Noteperformer 3.

Thank you for your attention.
simple (288 KB)