Tremolos in playback


I can’t seem to find anyone else with this issue, so I thought I’d post here. I’m having an issue where my violins are playing back tremolos even on regular non-tremolo notes. It appears to occur after long passages of tremolo, though for some reason the violas and celli aren’t affected by this. Restarting Dorico doesn’t work, nor does re-adding and removing tremolo markings on the affected notes, and I can’t find a way to force legato playback manually in the Play mode either. Some help would be much appreciated.


Hi – I’ve never come across this particular case before but it sounds as if the Playback Template/Expression Maps are not working correctly. Are you using the standard Halion library which came with Dorico? If so, I suggest you go to the Play menu → Playback template and select HSSE +HSO Pro to reapply it. This often fixes such issues.

If you’re using a different VST library then please give more details and post a short, relevant extract from the score which illustrates the problem. As you’re new to the forum, it might take a short time of browsing before you get permission to do this

Hi, thanks for getting back to me. I am indeed using the standard HALion library – I attempted to reapply the playback template as you suggested, but it hasn’t fixed it unfortunately. I’ve attached an image that contains an excerpt of the score I’m working on – I temporarily removed the tremolo markings from the last notes in the screenshot, but they still play back in tremolo mode. This happens to all non-tremolo notes in the rest of the part.

Interestingly, removing the tremolo markings from the first chord in the excerpt does fix the playback issue, but I do need those notes to tremolo.

The first thing to check: are you using the most recent update for your version of Dorico. If you’re using Dorico Pro 3.5, then the most recent update is Dorico 3.5.12, which you can download here.

If that doesn’t help, or you’re already running the most up-to-date version, please cut down the project to just the affected passage and upload it here.

Oh right, didn’t realize there was an update. I’ll download that now and see if it changes anything – will update here once I do that. Thanks Daniel.

Okay, so updating Dorico has fixed it, and now I feel stupid. Thanks for the help guys, much appreciated <3

No need at all to feel stupid! I’m glad the update fixed the problem for you.

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