I noticed something very strange regarding tremolos:

When I have a note without a flag that is tied to a note with a flag and I apply a tremolo, then Dorico correctly subtracts the flag from the number of needed tremolo slashes. See this example: The half note is tied to the eighth note, I select the 2-slashes-tremolo, the half note gets two slashes and the second note gets only one slash. Very nice.

Now, when I nudge the note one 1/8 step to the left, strange things happen: The hole thing has still the 2-slash-tremolo applied to it, but now the eighth note gets 2 slashes instead of 1, and the half note gets three slashes.

This is quite inconsistend, in my opinion. I don’t expect the number of slashes to change depending on where the notes start.
I would really appreciate it, if Dorico would handle the second case like the first: Treat my tremolo selection as “the amount of subdivisions requested” and only show the number of slashes that are needed depending on what flags are already on each note.

Thanks, Estigy

Dorico applies the slash to the first note in the group, and then calculates the remaining slashes based on the how long the notes are relative to the first note in the group.

If the first note in the group changes value, say from a minim (half) to a quaver (eighth) then unfortunately the number of slashes on the first note doesn’t change, as you can see in your screenshots.

I believe this is already on the team’s to-do list, but in the meantime you just have to be careful about moving tremolo’d notes around!

Hi, pianoleo!

Yes, I know where this is coming from. Just wanted to put out to the team that this is quite inconsistent and causes unexpected side effects when composing and moving things around.
I actually stumbled upon it when I saw tremolos with 4 slashes and thought “What? I never do 4 slashes - where is all this coming from??”

Well rest assured they know about it :slight_smile: