Trial 10pro has started to hang on start-up

I’ve been running the trial 10.00.40 for about

A week now- love it.
But today and yesterday it’s hanging on the start-up screen

“Initialising: scanning Vst3 plug-ins” nothing’s changed in the system that I’m aware of…

Any obvious things that I may be missing here?

Many thanks

Update- my V8.5 loads no issues.

I’ve pulled the VST folder out of the Cubase 10 folder… Still no joy :sob:

I’ll mention that recent time changes may cause a rescan which could take a long time.

Regards. :sunglasses:

How about Safe Start Mode?

Thanks you for your suggestions.
Sorted… My computer Time was set to 2005 due to battery worn out.
Switched it out… And I did an reinstall …not sure what fixed it but all good now.

Thanks you